Originally posted on International Liberty:
I haven’t shared any of the anti-politician jokes from the late-night talk shows since last year, so time for a new batch. Jay Leno President Obama wants Congress to increase the minimum wage. Believe me, when it comes to doing the minimum for their wage, Congress knows what it’s talking…

Chris Culliver and the Homophobics

Why say something and apologize for it? The answer is for commercial reason. You speak against a large demographic and you run the risk of losing profits. While  most people are comfortable with homosexuals, some people really are not. Chris Culliver said what he really feels about homosexuality and he is entitled to his opinion. […]

Revenge of the Nerd

I used to think I was an “it”. Growing up I thought having unruly, unkempt hair was normal. I didn’t think I was ugly nor beautiful, but I thought I was “unique” .  All my friends were button cute  while I was considered a giant.They played house with dolls and I played with marbles and was fascinated with […]