Chris Culliver and the Homophobics

Why say something and apologize for it?

The answer is for commercial reason. You speak against a large demographic and you run the risk of losing profits. While  most people are comfortable with homosexuals, some people really are not.

Chris Culliver said what he really feels about homosexuality and he is entitled to his opinion. No one can force him to accept homosexuality, let alone play with him or be around him in the locker room-that is his preference. However, when you are representing a corporation or a group, a little tact is in order.

If he is homophobic, let him be homophobic. Just not speak for the entire group.

I have gay friends, they are talented, wonderful, funny and really nice people. We just differ in our belief system, and while as a Christian I believe it’s wrong, I truly love them as human beings and we respect each other for our differences. They do not attack me for believing it’s wrong, and I don’t attack them for being gay-a little understanding goes a long way.

So don’t attack homophobics as well. That is just my take on this Chris Culliver issue. He felt that way, he said it and too bad he represents a profitable company and that makes the big difference.

I always tell my gay friends and they understand this: I always tell them, the society is  accepting  their sexual orientation,very slowly and some “demands” can’t be given right away (or won’t be  given at all),and that they should be prepared when they can’t get what they want on their terms. That is how it is because we still abide by moral structures, and they get that. They understand. They are not stupid morons, they just want acceptance and respect.

Do not demean them just because they are gay people. Even if Jesus were here today, He would welcome them and have  dinner with them and talk to them. Jesus will tell them that it is morally wrong, but Jesus won’t force Himself on them. Freewill people..?

And don’t send me hate emails or comments, either. This is what I believe in and I am expressing it. Homosexuals don’t force people to accept you, straight people don’t force gay people to accept you. They want to be gay, let them. They want to be straight let them. Be respectful still, regardless and stay out of trouble.

Think before you open your mouth and say hurtful things-that’s for both gay and straight.


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