It’s in the Bag!

images (2)Some fifty years ago, paper bags were free. Then in the 70s plastic bags were introduced as cheaper alternative because it was more durable. Besides, they said paper bags use up more trees and again the issue of environmental decline was used.

The environment is changing and people don’t care and everything is a hazard to the environment now-okay okay we get it.  Environment aside, behind the ever changing laws on bags (either plastic or paper) has always been motivated by money and greed, period.

At the Lucky store across us, prior to January 1 of this year they had paper bags all over the counter so shoppers can just grab them and use them as alternative to plastic bags-it was free.  Now, the plastic bags are gone and paper bags cost ten cents.

Why penalize the shoppers if we want to use paper bags?  I don’t follow the logic.  Years ago, they said ban on paper bags will help save the environment/trees. So now, all of that changed? Never mind the trees as long as you pay , we’re okay. See how that works?


So next time both plastic and paper bags will be banned, that’s fine. But don’t mask the greed by environmental concern it is sickening. The core of the matter is not much of what we use, it is how we use and dispose of it. The lifestyle and general attitude of the people must be changed. No band -aid remedy can ever solve the problem.

Every time we ask the clerks as to why we are paying for the paper bags, we get either an attitude or a virtual finger. It was like we ask because we are clueless and don’t care about the environment. We are not idiots. What we question all the time is the flaw in their logic. But you know you can’t rely on the frontliners anymore.

I’m just tired of people deciding for me. images (3)


8 thoughts on “It’s in the Bag!

  1. always bring in enough of your own re-usable bags when you shop. i saw this done in france in the 1970’s for pete’s sake. americans are crazy consumers. we don’t need the stores to supply us with bags. if you get to the store and go “oh damn, i forgot to bring in my bags” then go back to your car or SUV if you don’t care about the environment, and get them. after doing this several times you will not forget to bring them in anymore.

    • Hi Jackie, I know, we bring our own bags now. But paying for the bags won’t save the environment. If the environment is the concern-then don’t sell bags at all, you see where I am coming from? I don’t have a problem bringing my own bags, I just don’t like that they insult our intelligence. Just go bagless all the way. To me that is more respectable.

      • hi kleverkat (cute name, cute spelling) – thank you for responding
        i am always happy when i see people using their own bags in the stores. i am very glad that you do too. i’m not sure how selling bags insults our intelligence. one thing about it is that if people are required to pay, more of us will go the reusable route. it’s like paying for the glass bottles and aluminum cans. lots of people just toss them out and take the hit, but lots of others return them for the money and those containers get recycled. perhaps you feel a little impatient with how slowly people change. your final solution of going bagless is the end goal as i see it. i remember seeing Mrs Sauviac sliding the handle of her woven wood basket over her arm as she walked to the outdoor market in Limoges France when I stayed with her family for a month in 1972. i had never seen that behavior before but the memory of it has stayed with, and affected me,for all these years.

      • Hi Jackie, first of all I use contextual clues but when you left a follow up comment corecting the typo I started giggling cuz i thought maybe you used predictive text to type and I suddenly remember how i used to mess up a sentence with all the gibberish compliments of the phone or the ipad lol.
        Actually, we grew up with grammy and my mom with their iwn shopping basket. They were woven plastic os some sort and very sturdy. For seafood and meat they had what we used to call fishnet. I guess it’s the conditioning that irks me. They introduce something they thought would be good only to change it after years of doing it, and it’s not just the bags i’m talking about.
        Oh boy life was simpler back then tee hee..

        Thanks for reading my rant lol. Have a good night and see you often:)

  2. i was just looking at your very witty widgets
    i love the titles especially “frisk me”
    you have a great imagination
    you think outside the box
    maybe you feel insulted because the powers that be can’t see what you do

  3. i don’t know what contextual v predictive clues are which is a little embarrassing for someone who write poems, but it’s the truth – i’m guessing you are saying you mess up the typing because you are talking on the phone or listening to ipod music – i try to write while on the phone and it does get to be kind of gibberishy
    thanks for your answer
    c ya

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