Are You a Moron or an Idiot?

One time I asked my boyfriend which according to his opinion is worse, being an idiot or a moron. He said idiot and I laughed. Why? because I thought it was funny. When we drive around, and we see erratic stupid drivers-we always almost in chorus exclaim, “moron!” . Forgive me for equating those crazy drivers with morons, they should actually be idiots. Image

According to Wikipedia : It was once applied to people with an IQ of 51–70, being superior in one degree to “imbecile” (IQ of 26–50) and superior in two degrees to “idiot” (IQ of 0–25). 

 I will remember to address them as idiots next time, as I therefore conclude that anyone driving erratically, without regard to other people and endangering lives must have an IQ below sea level.  

Drivers talking on the phone, especially on the freeway are idiots.

Drivers texting while driving are idiots.

Driving while drunk are beyond idiocy, they are brain dead and therefore must not be allowed to drive ever and shall be forbidden to even go out of the house. 

Drivers racing and swerving and changing lanes only to get to a stop light are idiots. 

Drivers occupying half of the pedestrian lane are idiots, no doubt. 

Drivers with super loud bass speakers cranked up playing chacha (well, to each his own)  but still idiots.

Drivers parked occupying 1.5 slots of the parking space are idiots.

Drivers who tailgate and rushing the motorist ahead are idiots.

Drivers who back out of a parking lot without looking are idiots. 

Drivers who try to race and beat the pedestrians from crossing are idiots.


So what are you?








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